Longsun 27, 2665 CE

Gateway to The Fang

  • Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom make final preparations and travel through the teleportation circle that sends them to Korgan; traveling are Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn, Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard, Merciless, Krestia, Alethea, and Arannis
  • On the other side they find the circle to have been damaged and surrounded by undead creatures; the Five Dragons defeat them and find themselves in an arcane shop known as Smyrmans Sendings, run by the elderly Smyrman
  • Smyrman relates that the teleportation circle was built over 100 years ago by a mage named Jovaris, who was searching for his paladin friend that disappeared carrying a large book into the Holoroon Marsh
  • Five Dragons get a suite at the Silver Raven
  • Party attempts to gather information in the city's main market area
    • Lord Mayor Baizad came to power about 2 years ago after the death of Lord Mayor Timertikos
    • Baizad is never seen unless he requests an audience, though he meets with a council of nobles from time to time
    • Baizad has been known to send companies of the militia and adventurers into the Marsh, though few return and none who do are allowed to speak of the dangers they saw
    • Holoroon Marsh filled with dangers, most notably Jahalia and her minions; troops are sent to combat her forces and prevent an invasion of the city
    • Buildings of note in Korgan: Silver Raven, Flounder Pounder, Dancing Dryad
  • Group decides to investigate Jovaris in the Mages Guild and research the palace of Zartael the Mad in the library of the temple of Ioun
  • Party meets en route to the Silver Raven, attacked by members of thieves' guild; Merciless is teleported away by one of the thieves
  • Gruffudd issues a sending to Merciless, but there is no response
  • Merciless finally returns to the group seemingly out of sorts, asking lots of questions about the Unholy Codex and its supposed location
  • En route to the Silver Raven, Gruffudd attacks Merciless because he feels the dragonborn has been somehow compromised; Merciless surrenders and lays down his arms
  • Gruffudd casts an object reading ritual on Merciless' magic sword to determine if any foul play is at hand, but finds nothing
  • Group returns to the Silver Raven and spends the remainder of the night feasting and drinking
  • Party rests for the night


Ennerik Hulstramm: I hear the Five Dragons have gone to Korgan.
Harum Elkan: Ah, Korgan. How well I remember sitting on the shore of the Soldumar River gazing out into the blazing sky. That was just after I bested my first Black Dragon – a fearsome beast from that accursed Holoroon Marsh. How can those people live so close to such a terrible place?

Longsun 27, 2665 CE
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