Longsun 30, 2665 CE

Into The Marsh

Holoroon Marsh
  • Party ventures forth into the Holoroon Marsh to defeat the harpies plaguing Lyman Aerakin and his estate
  • Group fights a group of trolls and narrowly defeats them
  • Adventurers come across a nest of harpies in a ruined building in a bog; the harpies attack in waves, but the group manages to fight them off and destroy them
  • During the fight, they are aided by a lizardfolk who seems to command the natural world; he introduces himself as Krisharr
  • Krisharr thanks the party for their help against the harpies; he tells them the following bits of information:
    • The many tribes of lizardfolk who resided in the marsh were scattered and mostly destroyed years ago in the conflict between Shah Benazir and Jahalia; Krisharr is wandering the swamp in search of any survivors; he asks the party to tell them to return to the Sacred Grove
    • The Shah was nearly defeated by Jahalia three years ago when a group of adventurers lured him out of his lair; he escaped and has yet to be found
    • Two years ago, the city of Korgan began to wage war against the Naga Queen even though she posed no threat to them
    • Soldiers in black garb and dragon masks have been assaulting the ruined palace of Zartael the Mad for the past two years; however, they have been stymied in their efforts by followers of Zehir who now reside there: snaketongue cultists, medusae and their yuan-ti masters
    • Krisharr knows the way to the palace of Zartael the Mad, but it is fraught with peril
  • Group returns to the Aerakin Estate with news that the harpies have been dispatched; they spend the rest of the day copying the encrypted documents via rituals
  • Sir Lyman is very pleased with the group and grants them the aid of one of his mercenaries: the human warrior Reginald joins the party and offers his protection
  • Party rests for the night at the Aerakin Estate


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