Longsun 8 - Longsun 26, 2665 CE

The Rebuilding Effort

  • The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom plus Krestia's new court arrive at Galadorn
  • Chamberlain Mullins does much to help restore the castle to its former glory; enlists the aid of the troops to help rebuild
  • Neireus is formally appointed court wizard and is given the old tower of the former court wizard; he begins exploring its secrets
  • Virinus is formally appointed commander of Aerlynn's military and made ambassador to the Duchy of Thrynn
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn suggests that Lord Weylon be appointed chancellor to help smooth things over with the Barony of Obardyr and to get someone capable to help administer the kingdom
  • Petitioners arrive from all corners of Aerlynn to claim property lost 30 years ago during the attack of Avalokitasharan
  • Other workers (stonemasons, architects, farmers, etc.) also arrive to help rebuild Galadorn
  • Mullins also introduces two adventurers who come to serve the new queen:
    • a tiefling cleric of Avandra by the name of Alethea
    • an eladrin wizard by the name of Arannis, who Krestia appoints to assist Neireus
  • Neireus discovers a room full of teleportation circles that have remained unused for the last 30 years; one circle leads to the city of Korgan which lies near the Holoroon Marsh, the last known location of the Unholy Codex
  • The group also learns that Sweetie Palin is now in jail within the Earldom of Alyryn, locked away for theft; she left the group several weeks ago in an effort to steal back something they never should have sold in the first place
  • Party decides to pursue the retrieval of the Codex first and prepares for their journey to Korgan
  • Krestia appoints Virinus as her regent while she is away


I see two new adventurers have been added (Arannis and Alethea). Does this change the nature or number of the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom?

Longsun 8 - Longsun 26, 2665 CE

The number has always been in flux, though the name hasn’t changed since the term was coined with the original 5 adventurers.

Longsun 8 - Longsun 26, 2665 CE

On further reflection, the name Five Dragons has a lot of embedded meaning. It also signifies the number of principalities in the Broken Kingdom and the number of heads of Tiamat. The name of the group was coined by Gruffudd and managed to stick.

Longsun 8 - Longsun 26, 2665 CE
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