Albrek Jihoon

A Shadar-Kai rogue, occasionally sent dreams by The Raven Queen



"What?! Why are you looking at me like that? You think I'm not a proper Shadar-Kai because I don't look like a pierced peacock? That's kid stuff. If you feel that life is too drab and boring, go out and do something. Murder a Lord Mayor in his bed without waking up his doxy. Steal the jewelry from a princess while she sits in state wearing it. Shave the beard of the head of the thieves' guild while he's asleep. And don't crow about it afterward, like a drunken bluejay. Truly great deeds speak for themselves. Who do I think I am?!? Just wait, you'll find out."

Albrek Jihoon is a non-descript figure, until you see that he's a Shadar-Kai. A man of average build, and average height, covered by a threadbare drab brown cloak. Only his pale skin and black eyes mark him as out of the ordinary, and the intensity of his gaze marks him as destined for greatness. He is a free-lance rogue, traveling about the land doing as his fancy dictates. Sometimes he takes jobs for pay, and occasionally The Raven Queen will come to him in a dream, giving him an assignment that he fulfills without question.

His current assignment is a long-term one: He is to prevent the rebirth of Io, at all costs. Once a god is dead, it should stay dead.

His last dream message led him to a battlefield, where a creature known as Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon is marked for death by a goddess.

Albrek Jihoon

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