Tiefling Cleric


Alethea was found by charcoal burners during a miserable gale, tucked in their shrine to Avandra. No one in the community had even seen a Tiefling before, so the charcoal burners raised her alongside them in the woods. They treated her well, but could do little to address the deep chasm between Alethea and the leery townsfolk.

For a time, Alethea took refuge in her close relationship with her goddess. But, isolated by her looks and her status (and feeling a bit of inspired wanderlust), Alethea decided to hit the road young.

A traveling priestess of Avandra, Ulana, found the twelve-year-old girl a willing disciple. Having heard the child’s background, the reluctant priestess took Alethea under her wing. Ulana trained Alethea in the use of her budding powers and introduced her to other adventurers. They traveled together until Alethea was sixteen, at which point Ulana disappeared during the night leaving no sign of struggle, none of her belongings and no note.

Alethea searched for her friend for months, but only found a hint of her potential passage through Wavemeet. Eventually, she decided she had no choice but to travel on alone.

Working as an itinerant healer, Alethea quickly drew renown for her willingness to fight battles on the behalf of the weak and oppressed. The attention spurred her to increasing levels of bravado.

Now an adult with an established reputation, Alethea loves to hobnob with nobles and celebrities. She never stays in one spot long, always in search of the next adventure (and the next party).


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