Amblewort Eaglecrest

Formerly the Forty-Ninth Duke of Thrynn, slain by an assassin before the Battle of the Broken Kingdom


Lord Amblewort is aged and weathered beyond most men, but still has his wits about him.  He is slow, but deliberate, and never makes rash decisions.  His frailty belies the strength of his intelligence and wisdom.
He is adorned in regal finery and wears a crown of rubies and topaz atop his head.   He is constantly attended by his son Virinus.


The 49th Duke of Thrynn, Lord Amblewort was one of two nobles of the Broken Kingdom to have attended the Grand Council in 2634 CE (along with Sallinous Raemyr). 
Lord Amblewort once had five sons.  However, all but two were slain in the Battle of Carzoun Vale: his bastard son Virinus, beloved by the people, but ineligible to claim the title upon Amblewort's death; and Fringol, effete and weak in character.
The Duke suffered a great physical and emotional wound in 2665 CE when his heir Fringol was discovered to be a member of the Cult of Tiamat and attempted to kill him. 
Upon recovering, Lord Amblewort was instrumental in convening the Second Grand Council to combat the threat of the Cult and to uphold Krestia's claim to the throne of Aerlynn.

The Duke's life was brutally cut short in Bloomfury 2665 CE by Damaso in an effort to kill those surrounding Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn.

Amblewort Eaglecrest

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