Sir Athis

Outpost's charismatic young diplomat from the Barony of Obardyr


Always dressed to the nines in the latest fashion, Sir Athis is a tall, lanky individual with a penchant for the finer things in life.  His rakish appearance complements his silver tongue.  He carries a (mostly ornamental) rapier at his side.


Sir Athis came to [[Outpost]] as representative of the Baron of [[Obardyr]].  His goal is to sway Burgomaster “Woodfoot” Burkins to agree to annexation by Obardyr.  Though he understands the futility in trying to reason with someone so mindless, he works his charms on the townsfolk in the event that one of them might succeed the insane burgomaster.

Sir Athis is constantly at odds with Sir Roylan, his counterpart from the Duchy of [[Thrynn]].  The two work the populace, though Sir Athis seems to have the upper hand among the people despite the fact they are largely apathetic.

Sir Athis can usually be found at [[The Satyr's Delight]] partaking of wine, [[scrumsag]] and one of Outpost's young maidens.

Since Gruffud Ap Llewlyn helped sway the Burgomaster to give Outpost to the Barony of Obardyr, Sir Athis has served as its local lord.

Sir Athis

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