Sergeant Phineas Bertram

This burly, scarred warrior served as the head of Outpost's militia


Sgt. Bertram proudly displays his battle scars as if they were trophies, and constantly speaks of them.  He carries a longsword and a shield with ease, and seems a veteran of many encounters with the goblinkind of the Everdark Wood.  His large frame and stern features are easily recognizable in Outpost.


Sergeant Phineas Bertram is a combat veteran who has seen many battles.  He looks upon the rabble that comprises Outpost's "soldiers" with disdain, but works tirelessly to whip them into a fighting force.  Perpetually scowling, he holds the utmost contempt for Burgomaster “Woodfoot” Burkins, the peglegged loon who holds the hereditary position of Outpost's mayor.

Bertram is proud of his battle scars and takes every opportunity to show them off.  A retired veteran from the Earl of Alyryn's army, he has survived many encounters with the goblins and other denizens of the Everdark Wood.  However, Sgt. Bertram met his end on Valiant 9, 2664 CE while attempting to defend the town of Outpost from the dragon Avalokitasharan.  He was buried in the town's small graveyard under a plain headstone the next day.

Sergeant Phineas Bertram

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