Divryn Eresith

The eladrin wizard who was once a member of the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom, and is now a representative of the eladrin city of Mithrandein in the Feywild


Divryn of House Eresith was on the run from a thieves' guild known as The Fire Knives when he stumbled into Outpost and joined the PCs on their quest to discover the nature of the goblin raids besetting the town.

However, Divryn's time with the party quickly came to an end when he met Eldurel.  Joining his band of nomadic elves in the Everdark Wood, Divryn eventually made his way into the Feywild to Mithrandein, where he joined the city's wizard guild and became a diplomat.

Divryn was appointed head of Mithrandein's delegation to the Second Grand Council.  Along with Content Not Found: coric, he was sent to warn the nobles of the Broken Kingdom that an agent of the Dark Mistress was sent to this world to retrieve the Unholy Codex for her own vile purposes. 

Divryn Eresith

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