The feral leader of the wood elves that roam the Everdark Wood


Eldurel stands a commanding six feet tall and bears an austere visage at all times.  He is dressed in the traditional leaf-patterned leather armor and ritual face paint of his people.  His head is adorned with a great helm complete with stag antlers.  He also wears a cloak whose leaf patterns seem to writhe of their own accord, granting him concealment against whatever wooded environment surrounds him.  A large medallion hangs from his neck, an opalescent green stone set in a gold chain and etched with the symbol of [[Melora]].


Eldurel has been leader of the elves roaming the [[Everdark Wood]] for the last 30 years, since the eladrin departed for the [[Feywild]].  He harbors immense resentment towards them and to all non-elves in general, interacting minimally with the humans of [[Outpost]].


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