Ellaremine Selduhen

The efficient, no-nonsense proprietor of The Satyr's Delight in Outpost


Ellaremine Selduhen perpetually bears a stoic countenance and seldom reveals any emotion further than a cocked eyebrow over her green, pupil-less eyes.  She rarely engages in pleasantries with her guests, though she is perfectly courteous and works very hard to make sure her customers are treated well.  She is meticulously dressed in simple clothes of woven with eladrin patterns and weaves, which exemplifies her simple elegance.


Not much is known about this strange eladrin, save that she remained in [[Outpost]] after her compatriots departed the [[Everdark Wood]] upon the arrival of [[Avalokitasharan]] in 2633 CE.  Ellaremine purchased [[The Satyr's Delight]] from the previous owner for a fair price in 2635 CE and has been its proprietor since.

She runs a very clean, efficient establishment with the help of her staff, who she treats very fairly by all accounts.  Ellaremine keeps mostly to herself, though, so not much else is known about her.

Ellaremine Selduhen

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