The effete dandy and heir to the title of Duke of Thrynn


Fringol is fashionable, effete and insufferably whiny.  He is always dressed in the latest clothing styles and is never seen without his army of attendants.


Beloved by the nobility, detested by the army, and the subject of the populace's gossip, Fringol is a highly controversial figure in the Duchy of Thrynn.  Ostensibly, he is the younger son of Lord Amblewort, and thus the heir to the title Duke of Thrynn.

Fringol is in constant opposition to his elder half-brother Virinus, who most agree would make an excellent successor to the current Duke, but whose status as a bastard makes him ineligible to do so.  Fringol was supposedly involved with the death of Thane Jurius and his supporters who wished to overthrow tradition and put Virinus on the the throne upon the passing of Lord Amblewort.

On Phalanx 14, 2665 CE, the calculating prince was confronted by his father and half-brother about Fringol's relationship with the Cult of Tiamat.  Fringol revealed his faith in Tiamat's religion and attempted to flee the adventurers after stabbing his father in the gut.  The party caught him in the family crypt and slew him before he could escape, but not before he had presided over a dark rite that involved the sacrifice of Merciless to the Dark Lady of Avarice.


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