Black Wyrmsergeant Golbagh

The cleric once forsaken, now blessed by Tiamat


Black Wyrmsergeant Golbagh is a member of the Black Army of the Cult of Tiamat.  He had tracked the Codex to The Fang, a backwater part of Annoril, by following the trail of Valomir, the paladin of Bahamut last known to possess the tome.

However, a group of adventurers were also after the Codex and interfered with Golbagh's plans to claim it for Tiamat.  He finally defeated them with the aid of Fleshburn's offspring, a young black dragon, in the Holoroon Marsh in Deluge of 2663 CE.

Golbagh spent the next year gathering new recruits for his wing of the Black Army and began an excavation in the Halls of Ruin, the ancient palace of King Zartael IV, or Zartael the Mad.  However, his forces met with resistance from a band of Snaketongue Cultists that had taken residence within the Halls.

In Phalanx of 2664 CE, Golbagh wrote to Avalokitasharan asking for aid in clearing out the Snaketongue Cultists from the Halls of Ruin and retrieving the Codex.  The red dragon never responded to his call.

Black Wyrmsergeant Golbagh

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