The hobgoblin scout who guided the PCs through the Underdark to Lava Bite's lair


A short, stocky hobgoblin clad in chainmail and bearing a longsword and shield, Gorbash's countenance is one of skepticism and disdain.  He proudly wears the symbol of the Crimson Axe Clan on his chest.


Gorbash was raised among the warriors of the Crimson Axe Clan.  He was born and bred to fight and excelled at leading his compatriots against the elves of the Everdark Wood.

His natural abilities were noticed by Warcaster T'nak, who took Gorbash under his wing and began training him to succeed Chief Vrugh as leader of the Crimson Axe Clan.  Chief Vrugh had turned away from the faith of Bane in favor of the dragon Avalokitasharan and T'nak wanted Gorbash to lead those still faithful in an eventual coup against the heretical leader.

However, the PCs arrived on the scene in Valiant 2664 CE and slew Chief Vrugh as part of an accord with Warcaster T'nak.  T'nak selected Gorbash to lead the PCs through the Underdark to the lair of Avalokitasharan in order to kill the red dragon.  Gorbash led the PCs under strict orders not to fight unless his own life was in peril.  He drew his sword in only one fight during his time in the Underdark.

After Gorbash escorted the PCs to the dragon's lair, he proclaimed them eternal allies of the Crimson Axe Clan and made his way back up The Spikes to his home.  Gorbash's fate is currently unknown.


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