Dragonborn soldier of the Cult of Tiamat


Clad in magnificent plate mail emblazoned with draconic imagery, Kash'tal is an imposing figure on the battlefield.  His single-minded devotion to discovering lost [[Arkhosia]] is reflected in his distant gaze, and he often speaks aloud his internal soliloquies, as if no one were around to hear them.


Kash'tal, or Honor-bound in Common, was a promising young officer in the [[Red Army]] faction of the [[Cult of Tiamat]].  He was chosen by Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon to lead a delegation to [[Avalokitasharan]] in order to forge an alliance.

Somehow, he knew much about Merciless and his quest to reclaim [[Dendrith]] as a dragonborn homeland.  Of similar mind, Kash'tal tempted Merciless to join the Cult of Tiamat and aid him in his quest to discover the lost Arkhosian ruins.  Merciless refused and the [[PCs]] fought Kash'tal and his Cultist followers on the doorstep of Avalokitasharan's lair.  Kash'tal died in this encounter on Valiant 13, 2664 CE.

A letter recently discovered on another assassin from the Cult of Tiamat revealed that Kash'tal still lives and serves the [[Tiamat | Dark Lady of Avarice]] in another, higher capacity.


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