Maklyn Bronzebottom

One of the twin dwarven blacksmiths/shopkeeps from Outpost


This jovial slob of a dwarf wears a thick gold loop in his right ear, the only real means of separating him from his identical twin, Jaklyn.  He is constantly soot-covered and wears a heavy leather forge apron about town.


Maklyn Bronzebottom is one of Outpost's town blacksmiths and co-proprietor of [[Bronzebottom Brothers]], a general store that sells goods of all kinds.  Maklyn and his brother came to Outpost in 2622 CE after their clan was destroyed by a tremendous cave-in in the [[Ghaerlun Hills]].

Both brothers are constantly trying to sell a [[goblincrusher]] to all passing adventurers in an effort to promote their invention.  They have yet to sell one and keep lowering the price to entice buyers.

Maklyn Bronzebottom

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