Deacon General Meiana

The Deacon General of the Church of Bahamut in the Broken Kingdom


An elderly woman, Meiana is clad in the traditional robes and accoutrements of a high priest of Bahamut.  She has sharp, aquiline features and clear blue eyes.  Her hair is always severely tied and her thin lips are constantly pursed as if in contemplation.


Meiana is the first female Deacon General of the [[Church of Bahamut]].  As the Deacon General of the [[Broken Kingdom]], she is the highest church authority in that nation.  She rose to power through her steadfast faith and determination to serve her god and is widely respected throughout the Broken Kingdom, and [[Thrynn]] in particular, for her wisdom and counsel during trying times.

The Deacon General has served as religious advisor and personal healer to Lord Amblewort since 2659 CE, when she was assigned by the [[Abbott Marshal]] of the Church in [[Nine Spires]] to restore faith to the citizens of the Broken Kingdom in the wake of [[Aerlynn]]'s dissolution.  Many have speculated that the Abbot Marshal purposely sent her so far away as to be rid of rising competition.

Meiana inducted Aldeng Hammerforge into the Church of Bahamut as a priest captain in Umbra 2664 CE.  Unfortunately, the dwarf met his end a few days later.  Later, she inducted Arden Gran Hammerforge into the [[Holy Order of the Crusader]] as a twelfthblade.

Deacon General Meiana

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