"Slayer of Mortals"



Born into Clan Eshtar, Vekta hails from the clan’s rocky elevated home. This rust colored Dragonborn was the first of his clutch mates to hatch and consequently grew to be the biggest of his brothers and sisters. Large in size, yet larger in heart; Vekta was very kind, empathetic and sensitive from a very young age. The clan was very artistic in its spare time and they encouraged him to be as well. A painting and sculpting prodigy, Vekta's work actually became another source of income for the clan. In addition to the more tangible arts, Vekta is an awesome storyteller since he grew up on tales of the fallen Dragonborn empire of Dendrith. These tales and his clan’s proud sense of history have shaped Vekta into a proud Dragonborn who is acutely aware of his heritage and sharply focused on restoring the Dragonborn to glory with a new empire in the current eon. With his penchant for dialogue, Vekta would constantly expound on the need of the Dragonborn to create this new empire. He desperately believes that the diaspora of Dragonborn after the fall of Dendrith can and must be reversed. His motto has always been: “A home, aye, we have that but what we need is a homeland.” Being proud and knowing what you want, yet seeing no results can be a disillusioning mixture. This is as it was for Vekta. His talks turned to rumblings and he was pulled aside by the clan elders. They sympathized with his goal but were growing tired of his rants. He told them of his plan to embark on a journey to build this great empire instead of just talking about it. They told him that such an endeavor will require time, help from other Dragonborn and most importantly money. Realizing that his art, though in demand, could not be made fast enough or bring money in quick enough to fund the movement he envisioned. That is when he related his idea of putting resources together by adventuring. Training with the heavy flail in combat techniques passed down by his ancestors, Vekta adopted the mantle of a fighter but was squeamish about bloodshed or the thought of hurting others. Tagging along with the warriors of his clan, he would occasionally help fight off goblin raids, but the carnage he saw and created would leave him in a funk for days. The clan mother told him that she didn’t think that he was made for the world he was about to descend into. She told him that he needed to be harder. Vekta has his own reservations, but he tries to keep his eyes on the prize of a proud empire for all Dragonborn. To that end, he has adopted the moniker “Merciless” as a reminder to himself of what he must strive to become.

Merciless began his adventuring career with the PCs in Outpost.  His overwhelming desire to discover Dendrith, coupled with his disdain for the incalcitrant Sweetie Palin drove him into the arms of Reshmael.  Upon completing his research on Arkhosia in the library of Neireus, Reshmael sacrificed him to Tiamat.  He died on Phalanx 11, 2665 CE.


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