The tortured old steward of King Brommius VI


Mullins served as King Brommius VI's chamberlain.  In 2633 CE, Mullins was charged by the king to secretly escort Princess Anthrissa out of the city during the attack of Avalokitasharan.  A terrible storm that night separated the two in the Cloudcrown Mountains.  Mullins returned to Galadorn to find the city destroyed and blocked from entrance.

Shortly after, Mullins was captured by the Severed Head Clan and spent decades enduring their torture, kept alive only for their cruel amusement.

The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom secured his release on Bloomfury 11, 2665 CE after having destroyed the kobolds.  Mullins was escorted to the safety of a nearby abandoned farmhouse by Sweetie Palin and Aldeng Hammerforge.

Mullins was reintroduced to his life at court at the behest of Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn, who convinced Krestia to appoint him chamberlain once more.  Mullins took on the task with vigor despite his old age and infirmed condition.  He led the restoration effort of the castle.



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