Neela Brightwater

Elderly, matronly halfling priestess of Avandra from the town of Outpost


Neela Brightwater is the female halfling cleric of Avandra who maintains the temple of [[Outpost]].  She is the town's healer and considered its wisest resident.

She came to Outpost shortly after the halflings of the [[Rannmere River]] departed for safer waterways upon the arrival of [[Avalokitasharan]] in 2632 CE.  Neela was too attached to the town to abandon it entirely and set herself up as its clergy.

Neela built the temple to Avandra with funds from her adventuring days, and helped the residents erect a similar altar to Pelor.  She is also caretaker of the [[Glade of Melora]] behind the temple.

When vandals destroyed the Glade on Thunderhead 2664 CE, Neela kept the news from the townsfolk, who were already on edge because of the auspicious day.  The PCs arrived later that day with the body of [[Kresstia]] and asked for a raise dead ritual to be cast on her.  The PCs did not have 500 gp for the raise dead fee, so Neela gave them the task to fetch the elf [[Eldurel]] from the [[Everdark Wood]] and have him bring his [[greenstone amulet]] so that he might restore life to the Glade of Melora.  The PCs agreed and later returned with the elf, who restored the Glade to its former beauty.

Several days later, on Valiant 9, 2664 CE, [[Avalokitasharan|Lava Bite]] attacked the town of Outpost and destroyed the majority of the town.  The dragon kidnapped Neela and imprisoned her at the bottom of the volcano in [[The Spikes]].  Five days later, the PCs stormed Lava Bite's lair.  During the fight, Sweetie snuck behind the dragon and freed Neela, who then used her last restorative prayer to heal Merciless.  The PCs were victorious and Neela Brightwater was very thankful for their efforts.

Neela Brightwater

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