The wise, learned sage of the Duchy of Thrynn; a master of ancient history


Old and crochety, Neireus is meticulously kept.  His brown robes are always in perfect order.  The sage is completely devoid of any sense of humor and is quick to throw an insult at one's intelligence.  However, his gruff facade is quick to dissolve when engaged in intellectual discourse.


Known as The Once Itinerant, Neireus traveled the world in search of knowledge.  He has authored many tomes and treatises on the arcane, ancient history, religion and various races and societies.  He is considered the wisest and most learned of all sages in the Broken Kingdom.  He once resided in the Duchy of Thrynn and had struck a great friendship with Amblewort Eaglecrest.

Neireus was urged by Lord Amblewort to grant access to his prized library to the PCs in order to determine if Krestia was the heir to the throne of Aerlynn.  Neireus agreed, but on the condition that the adventurers help him close an entropy gate that had inadvertently been opened in the library.  Neireus nearly died on Umbra 6, 2664 CE when the group was unable to defend him against a band of drow from the Night Stalkers that came through the entropy gate.

After recovering and successfully closing the gate, Neireus rewarded the PCs by researching the Unholy Codex for them.  He presented his findings to them on Phalanx 14, 2665 CE after several months of research.

A constant and sagacious advisor to the Duke of Thrynn, Neireus petitioned Krestia to be her court wizard after the Second Grand Council ended in the Battle of the Broken Kingdom.  She agreed and he now spends his days clearing out the former court wizard's tower and unlocking its arcane secrets, in addition to helping the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom along in their quest.

The eladrin wizard Arannis was appointed to help Neireus in his studies, to which the crochety old wizard reluctantly agreed.


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