A cleric of Bahamut whose adventuring party was recently slain in Highridge


Nonna is beautiful, but reserved.  She keeps her eyes cast down in quiet piety most times and stoically absorbs all around her.  She is unwavering and steadfast in her faith in Bahamut and serves capably among the Platinum Dragon's clergy as evidenced by the small, ornate holy symbol dangling from her neck on prominent display.


Nonna was an adventurer from the Electorate of Wynhall.  She traveled with her adventuring party in order to spread Bahamut's faith, while they hunted for wealth and glory.  She served as their moral compass and urged them to perform good deeds, and they listened to her words and appreciated her healing powers.

However, during a stay at The Purple Jewel in Highridge, her adventuring company was slain while trying to defeat Sarshan, leader of the Poison Guard.  The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom arrived on the scene to rescue her.

Nonna befriended Merciless and listened to his words of forming an earthly kingdom to Bahamut by discovering lost Arkhosia.  She now contemplates her future in a world in turmoil. 


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