Norrick Ponderblunder

The itinerant gnome shopkeeper who sells magic items and ritual components across the Broken Kingdom


This surly gnome travels across the Broken Kingdom with a wagon full of magic wares and ritual components for sale.  He is particularly gruff and miserly, but fair in his prices.  He constantly insults his patrons, but only sets up shop in places where there is no competition.


No one knows from whence this irate gnome hails, but his wagon is a constant fixture throughout the Broken Kingdom.

Norrick Ponderblunder was seen in Outpost after that town's destruction by Avalokitasharan, during the rebuilding effort.  Later, he traveled to the Second Grand Council and made a small fortune selling his magical wares to the crowd.

Norrick mysteriously died and his wagon burned to the ground on Wellspring 2, 2665 CE.  It was discovered by Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn that the last person to see Norrick alive was the gnome warlock Simon.

Norrick Ponderblunder

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