Sir Roylan

The elderly, long-winded representative of the Duke of Thrynn in Outpost


Sir Roylan's attire has seen better days.  It is a bit old and the colors have faded.  His tabard bearing the crest of Thrynn is frayed and worn, while his armor is creaky and rusting.  He is scholarly in appearance, with a thick, unkempt beard and a monocle.  Sir Roylan carries a longsword at his side that has seen much use, though he's never wielded it in public.


Sir Roylan serves as the Duke of Thrynn's man in Outpost.  His duty is to convince Burgomaster “Woodfoot” Burkins to join with Thrynn, though he is constantly foiled by the younger, more charismatic Sir Athis.

Sir Roylan is prone to long, didactic digressions on historical events of the Broken Kingdom.  He is consciously avoided by most of the townsfolk, though tends to be a target of light mockery by them.  He makes the occasional declamation on the virtues of joining Thrynn to the townsfolk, but his speeches tend to be too erudite and long-winded for the crowds and are cut short by the jibing of Sir Athis.

He is a man of modest means in contrast to the rich Sir Athis, who spends gold in town freely.

When the Barony of Obardyr annexed Outpost, Sir Roylan returned to the court of Thrynn to serve Amblewort Eaglecrest in a different capacity.

Sir Roylan died of old age on Bloomfury 13, 2665 CE after serving Lord Amblewort faithfully for many years.

Sir Roylan

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