Sallinous Raemyr

The ever-drinking, ever-brawling Margrave of Byrwyll


Lord Raemyr is old, but tall and well-muscled.  A long, dark blue scar runs diagonally across his face and across his empty left eye socket.  His other eye is often aflame with anger, an indication of his incredibly short temper.

He is disdainful of the typical finery worn by the other nobles of Aerlynn and prefers to carry his battle armaments about him at all times, even during peaceful negotiations.


The Margrave of Byrwyll is the last original nobleman who attended the Grand Council.  He is short-tempered, incredibly brave, reckless, foolhardy and the consummate drinking companion.

Shortly after Lord Raemyr became ruler of the Margravate of Byrwyll in 2628 CE, the eastern portion of his realm was under attack by a chimaera.  His army unable to contain the threat, he supposedly entered its cave and single-handedly defeated the beast in combat, exiting with what appeared to be three animal heads.  It was in this battle that Sallinous lost his left eye.

Lord Raemyr rules over the Margravate from a palace/feasting hall in which he hosts drinking bouts and contests of strength once a month.  Sometimes these revelries last for days at a time.

Sallinous received a boon from Bahamut by way of Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn and the Deck of Many Things: a powerful holy greataxe touched by the Platinum Dragon himself.  This cemented his relationship with Duchy of Thrynn against the other nobles of the Broken Kingdom

The Margrave allied with the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom during the Second Grand Council and the Battle of the Broken Kingdom, having fought bravely in command of his troops on the front line.

Sallinous Raemyr

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