Scary little devil girl


Sara is a Tiefling girl in her late teens to early twenties. Normally shy and speaking cryptically if at all, she is prone to outbursts of magical and physical violence.

Psychic characters who attempt to scan her will perceive a “war between angels and demons” and lose a power point. Divine beings (regardless of alignment) may feel unsettled by her presence, albeit in a very vague manner.


Ever since the fall of their empire, there have been Tieflings trying to undo the mistakes of their forefathers. One such family, despite a lineage tracing back to the noble families who made the original demonic compact, was determined to be the first to break it. Sara was to be the consummation of this plan- her conception and birth were timed down to the minute so that the stars would be in ideal alignment. Nearly every day in her childhood involved some sort of new ritual or spell being placed upon her. She was brought before mystics, sages, wizards and sorcerers of the highest power, all in an attempt to find some way to break or block her connection to the denizens of the fiery pit.

The culmination of these attempts was to take place on her seventh name-day. A massively complex ritual involving nearly every living member of the family. But there are some forces that laugh at the hopes of mortals, and who are loath to give up any debt. Sara’s last memory of her parents involved them worrying that one of the family would betray them. No-one knows exactly what happened that night- Sara herself does not remember the events, and she was the only survivor of the resulting explosion. No arcana check since has been able to establish if her links to the demonic plane were broken, or strengthened.

This early trauma and the massive amounts of magical energy she was exposed to in her early years have made their mark on the young Tiefling, leaving her somewhat mentally unstable. She has spent over a decade since being passed around by various friends of her former family like a hot coal. No-one seemed willing to keep her close for long, until by chance she came in contact with a party of adventurers…


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