Thune Fanesworn

The nervous, wary Earl of Alyryn


The current Earl of Alyryn is short, fat and nervous, eyes constantly darting about.  He is a well-dressed nobleman and takes great pride in his appearance.  Chuckles follow in Lord Fanesworn's wake as his nervous eye twitch has fostered rumors of his sexuality.


Lord Fanesworn, the 27th Earl of Alyryn, acceded to the title when he was a young lad.  His father and predecessor was a strong man whose kingdom had been destroyed by Avalokitasharan and was never able to rebuild.  Many say he died of shame from being unable to recapture the glory that was Alyryn.

While Fanesworn's father grew the Earldom through strength of arms, the young lord took to other means to secure his principality.  He engaged on friendly terms with all the other nobles of the Broken Kingdom, always taking both sides in conflicts and never committing fully to any alliance.  Through these means he was able to grow his holdings without much conflict.

At the Second Grand Council, he was the only noble besides Amblewort Eaglecrest to readily accept Krestia's claim to the throne of Aerlynn, having been convinced by the PCs during the many days of negotiating. However, after the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom helped Krestia fulfill the Prophecy of Ascension by cleansing the halls of Galadorn, the opportunistic Earl allied with the rulers of Obardyr and Wynhall in an effort to preserve their power against a restored monarchy.

During the subsequent Battle of the Broken Kingdom, Lord Fanesworn switched sides when the Five Dragons were able to withstand the charge of Barony of Obardyr's famed cavalry, decimating the horsemen ranks.  Thune eventually emerged on the victorious side.

Thune Fanesworn

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