Tiberius Manathourn

The wily, crafty Baron of Obardyr


Always impeccably dressed in the finest clothes the Broken Kingdom has to offer, the Baron of Obardyr bears an unnerving, perpetual smile that contrasts with the skeptical squint in his eyes.  He gives off a feeling of ease and companionship, which he uses to manipulate others to his will.


Lord Manathourn quietly ascended as Baron of Obardyr in 2658 CE upon the death of his ailing father, who had all but ceded control to his capable son many years prior.  Tiberius's plots and schemes have been going on for quite some time for the purpose of acquiring more land for the Barony.

The youngest of the Broken Kingdom's nobility, Tiberius has insinuated himself into every plot and scheme within the failed state and has thus become a huge repository for intelligence and information for everything.

The Baron has cultivated an intense interest in the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom ever since they unexpectedly played a role in turning over the town of Outpost to his lands, as reported by Sir Athis.

Tiberius allied with the forces of Vatis Underwood and Thune Fanesworn against the Five Dragons in the Battle of the Broken Kingdom, which proved disastrous for the Baron's famed cavalry and his allies' forces.  Immediately after, Tiberius began the long process of ingratiating himself with the new queen Krestia.

Tiberius Manathourn

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