Warcaster T'nak

An unexpected ally the PCs discovered in The Spikes while assaulting Lava Bite's Lair


Old and frail, Warcaster T'nak hobbles about slowly while leaning heavily on his gnarled oak staff.  His skin is a burnished orange and covered with liver spots, dry and leathery to the touch.  However, his eyes shine with a calculating, logical awareness that sets him apart from most other members of his militaristic race.


Warcaster T'nak displayed his proclivity with magic at an early age.  Through a combination of ruthlessness and intelligence, he rose quickly through the ranks of the Crimson Axe Clan to become their most respected warcaster.  During this time, T'nak also found the religion of Bane and took up the mantle of warpriest.

T'nak lost favor with Chief Vrugh upon suggesting the hobgoblins would be better served by continuing their worship of Bane instead of the dragon [[Avalokitasharan]].  Chief Vrugh chose Warcaster Bar'kano as his second and demoted T'nak to a minor role in leading the Crimson Axes.

The wily old warcaster silently plotted revenge and began a quiet movement against Vrugh.  T'nak slowly converted the younger hobgoblins to his way of thought, choosing the talented Gorbash to succeed Vrugh when the time was right.

However, in Valiant 2664 CE, T'nak found some capable adventurers to do his dirty work for him.  He convinced the PCs to dispatch Vrugh and Lava Bite for the greater good so that the hobgoblins might go back to their old ways and the Everdark Wood would be saved from the dragon's terror.  The PCs agreed and took Gorbash with them at T'nak's behest.

Warcaster T'nak

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