The elderly halfling leader of Derlin's Folly


Tall and gaunt by halfling standards, Tulmaster stands at a regal four feet.  His gnarled hands and weathered features are indicative of his age and experience.  Always seen in his threadbare brown robes rife with food stains, he is a wise, jolly sort who derives great pleasure in simple things like a good a joke or a glass of sweet fermented goat milk (a specialty beverage among the denizens of Derlin's Folly.


Tulmaster has long served as the leader of Derlin's Folly.  He was the first to accept Sweetie Palin into their halfling community and served as a father figure for her, instructing her in the art of the pickpocket.

When the town came under attack, Tulmaster bravely led the survivors to safety.  He has since become a close advisor to Lord Amblewort and serves the Duchy of Thrynn.


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