Vatis Underwood

The gruff, scheming Elector of Wynhall


The Elector of Wynhall bears a stern countenance and rarely smiles, unless some devious plot of his has come to fruition.


The thirty-eighth Elector of Wynhall, Lord Vatis Underwood succeeded to the position of leader of Electorate of Wynhall via a power struggle with his two older brothers.  While one succeeded in winning over the nobility, and the other appealing to the masses, Vatis took control of the army and marched against the others, forcing them to surrender their claims without having to engage in conflict.

Lord Underwood maintained the largest, most powerful army in the Broken Kingdom, believing that military might would rule all.  He is particularly greedy for land and seeks to steal it from his neighboring nobles whenever possible.  He is not considered a schemer, but makes his constant displeasure known through a show of force and arms.

During the Second Grand Council, Lord Vatis led the alliance against Krestia's claim to the throne.  However, prior to the rift, he became amenable to the idea of discovering Arkhosia in the Trackless Waste, which borders Wynhall to the north.  His belief, spurred by Merciless, was that a re-established kingdom on that border would give him trading rights the other principalities would not have.

Lord Vatis surrendered to Krestia after the Battle of the Broken Kingdom, though was thoroughly humiliated by the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom when he was captured, bound and thrown over a horse, an insult he won't forget. 

Vatis Underwood

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