Virinus is the just and capable bastard son of Lord Amblewort, the Duke of Thrynn


Virinus is tall, well muscled and bears a stern countenance.  He has a skeptical look about him and he rarely blinks.  He is a man of few words and much action.

The commander of the armies of the kingdom of Aerlynn, he is always found clad in the regalia of his home country, full suit of armor, bastard sword and shield emblazoned with the crest of Aerlynn. 



Virinus is respected by Thrynn's army and citizens at large, though its nobility have particular disdain for him as he tends not to be concerned with their politics and intrigue.

The bastard son of Amblewort Eaglecrest, Virinus is ineligible to take the title of Duke of Thrynn upon the death of his father. However, he works tirelessly to strengthen the Duchy in relation to its neighbors.  He is ultimately loyal to Lord Amblewort and his country.

The illegitimate prince embarked on a campaign with 100 cavalrymen against the gnolls of the Wildlands after they had destroyed the hamlet of Olnyth.

Virinus began to spend most of his time with Krestia during her research period in Neireus' library.  On Phalanx 13, 2665 CE, it was revealed to Virinus by the PCs that Fringol was a member of the Cult of Tiamat.  Held by his morals, Virinus alerted the Duke to this fact, which caused Fringol to flee into the family crypt.

The bastard prince led the Duke's contingent from Thrynn to the Second Grand Council, with a brief stopover in Highridge, where he orchestrated the support of Sir Worsley and the Earl of Alyryn (provided the PCs would help eliminate the Poison Guard).

Upon the assassination of the Duke by Damaso, the bastard prince felt his love for Thrynn wane, but his desire to restore Aerlynn invigorated and decided to work tirelessly towards this noble end.

Later, after the dissolution of the Council, Virinus took command of the armies of Thrynn and Byrwyll in the Battle of the Broken Kingdom, in which he proved victorious.  He was appointed commander of Aerlynn's army by Krestia after the battle, and was a crucial figure in the rebuilding of Galadorn.

When the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom embarked on their quest to search for the Unholy Codex, Krestia made Virinus regent of Aerlynn in her absense, a duty he reluctantly accepted.


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