Chief Vrugh

The scheming chief of the goblinoids of the Crimson Axe Clan


A tall, well-muscled hobgoblin, Chief Vrugh wields a large greatsword in combat, though his fierce countenance is more intimidating to the goblinoid underlings of the [[Crimson Axe Clan]].


Chief Vrugh broke with centuries of tradition in changing the [[Crimson Axe Clan]]'s focus of worship from [[Bane]] to the dragon [[Avalokitasharan]].  This inspired a rebellion within the Clan led by Warcaster T’nak.

Chief Vrugh was killed by the [[PCs]] on Valiant 9, 2664 CE as they stormed the hobgoblin lair in order to stop an attack on [[Outpost]].

Chief Vrugh

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