Lord Weylon

The young, savvy son of the Baron of Obardyr, and new chancellor of the kingdom of Aerlynn


Handsome, charming and shrewd, Lord Weylon is never without a retinue of advisors constantly whispering the latest news in his ears.  He dresses simply, but regally, and is constantly smiling.


The heir to the Barony of Obardyr, Lord Weylon learned his father's manipulative ways early and developed his own vast network of informants and spies throughout the Broken Kingdom.  He grew up to be a very capable politician, which more than made up for his mediocre skills in things military.  He is thought to be the rising star of Aerlynn's political scene, a fact made apparent by his choice as chancellor of the new kingdom.  This decision brought great honor upon him and his house and has gone a long way to restoring his family's name after they sided against the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom in the Battle of the Broken Kingdom.

Lord Weylon

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