Burgomaster "Woodfoot" Burkins

Outpost's peg-legged, mentally deficient burgomaster


"Woodfoot", as he is more commonly known among the townsfolk of Outpost due to his pegleg, took the office of Burgomaster upon the death of his father, Silas Burkins, in 2651 CE.

Woodfoot began his political career in great form.  He was the most active burgomaster Outpost had in its short history, and conscientiously worked towards bettering the town.  He created favorable logging treaties with the elves and eladrin of the Everdark Wood, staved off several goblin attacks, and facilitated trade between Thrynn and Obardyr while remaining steadfastedly neutral.

Tragedy struck Burgomaster Burkins and his family in 2659 CE: his entire family was killed in a particularly severe goblin raid.  It was during this raid that a goblin hacked off the poor burgomaster's right leg.  The Bronzebottom Brothers replaced it with a suitable wooden stump, but the damage was more severe than a severed appendage.  Woodfoot had gone mad with grief and eventually became mentally deficient.

He constantly stares into space and occasionally mutters phrases such as "My word!" and "I say!", but never anything coherent.  Conversations with Woodfoot are excruciatingly repetitive and never get anywhere.  He seems unable to recall the terrible events regarding his family, or anything else around him.  Woodfoot spends his days wandering the town and sleeping wherever he finds shelter.  The generosity of Outpost's folk, particularly Neela Brightwater, keep him fed and clothed.

Burgomaster "Woodfoot" Burkins

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