Sir Worsley

The bald, pudgy representative of the Earl of Alyryn in the city of Highridge


The Earl's man in Highridge is short, pudgy and bald.  He has wide eyes and cherubic features often marred by a lascivious smile.


Sir Worsley is a jokester and a clown at heart.  As such, people rarely take him seriously.  He has been stationed in Highridge at the Earl of Alyryn's bidding for nearly five years.

Worsley works half-heartedly to bring Highridge under the fold of the Earldom.  He is constantly vexed by Lady Verin, who he despises greatly.

This caused the Earl's man in Highridge to fall into trouble.  Worsley contracted the Poison Guard to frighten Lady Verin out of town, but the wily assassins threatened to go public with the information and extorted vast sums of money from him.

Worsley convinced the PCs to eliminate the assassins in exchange for convincing the Earl of Alyryn to attend the Second Grand Council.  Shortly before the PCs completed their mission, Sir Worsley was discovered to have departed back to the Earldom in a great hurry for reasons unknown.

Sir Worsley

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