Furrow 30, 2664 CE
Day 92: The Circus is in Town!
  • Adventurers see Myranom in the distance: small town south of Everdark Wood and just east of the Wildlands; near the town are two large colorful tents and further west are another small town and a tower being constructed
  • Party arrives in Myranom; townsfolk are scared to interact with them
  • Adventureres visit the Hall of Honor, meet Priest-Captain Jorn, who explains that the young acolyte Brother Kimball was found dead 4 days ago on the temple steps – he had been disemboweled and his throat torn out
  • Group begins to question the townsfolk and learns the following
    • The circus is in town; it arrived 5 days ago; they have been preparing for opening night on Umbra 1
    • All murders occurred on the first of each month during the full moon – lycanthropes are most active at this time and they are vulnerable to silvered weapons
    • Townsfolk coerced by some unknown force to not speak to strangers
    • Murders not in line with ways of Cult of Tiamat, even though it has the biggest motive
  • Party visits circus and sees many shifters working there, but turned away by circus master, who urges them to come to the show tomorrow night
  • Witness one huge human in yellow and red striped pants carrying a huge load by himself – circus master addressed him as Kubo
  • Group attempts to sneak into main tent, but are kicked out
  • Party returns to inn for the night and rests
Furrow 28-29, 2664 CE
Days 90-91: Journey to Myranom
  • Party spends next two days traveling by horse to Myranom
  • Pass through several villages along the way; greeted courteously, but not warmly
Furrow 27, 2664 CE
Day 89: The Duke of Thrynn
Castle of the Duchy of Thrynn
  • Group arrives at Thrynn's capital city and finds an inn (The Joking Jester) and a shop that sells magic items and components (All Things Arcane); dwarf Periden leaves group having escorted the party to the duchy
  • Party arrives at Thrynn's castle in the morning; escorted inside after presenting letter of introduction from Sir Roylan to the guards
  • Virinus greets the adventurers coldly since they ceded Outpost to the Barony of Obardyr; they learn Sir Roylan was subsequently exiled from Outpost and is en route to Thrynn; Gruffud Ap Llewlyn manages to convince him to allow an audience with the Duke of Thrynn
  • Group learns that Virinus is bastard son of Lord Amblewort, current Duke; capable ruler, beloved by people, but ineligible to take the title
  • Title to be inherited by Fringol, last remaining legitimate son of Lord Amblewort; Fringol is considered effete and a dandy by many
  • Party let into court of Lord Amblewort; they learn the sage Neireus is always cloistered in his tower and only speaks to Lord Amblewort
  • Adventurers approach the Duke while he plays chess; they relate the dangers of the Cult of Tiamat; they seek an audience with Neireus, who might be able to give them more information
  • Lord Amblewort questions their motives due to the incident in Outpost; he decides to ruminate over this information
  • The Duke of Thrynn mentions that what would really help the Broken Kingdom is someone to reclaim the throne of Aerlynn and stop the bickering between the five principalities
  • Lord Amblewort suggests the adventurers take on a task since to repay Thrynn for the Outpost debacle; party agrees
  • Party is appointed special envoys of Thrynn and told to go to Myranom in anticipation of a mass murder of clergy of Bahamut
  • Towns of Westvale and Hamyll, both west of The Faermere, suffered from similar attacks over the last two months, Westvale on the first of Nightfire, Hamyll on the first of Furrow
  • In both towns, mass of clerics found dead in public place next morning, throats torn out and disemboweled
  • Myranom thought to be next since one priest there has already died in similar manner; 2.5 day journey around The Faermere
  • Gruffud crafts Reinforcing Plate Mail for Merciless
  • Group sets out for Myranom
Furrow 22-26, 2664 CE
Days 84-88: Journey to Thrynn
Freeman's Road
  • Party begins journey to Duchy of Thrynn; group heads south along Freeman's Road
  • Adventurers beset by bandits (satyrs and humans) on second day of travel near the Everdark Wood; party defeats them and continues
  • Group defeats ogre and orcs along the road; continues to Duchy of Thrynn
Valiant 19-Furrow 21, 2664 CE
Days 20-83: The Rebuilding of Outpost
  • Adventurers spend the next 9 weeks helping to rebuild Outpost after the Lava Bite attack
  • Adventurers also spend some time trying to track down Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon, but the trail goes cold after 10 days; reports indicate he moved north along Freeman's Road
  • Party meets Periden(?), female dwarf with a large halberd; the Dark Minstrel appoints her as one of his deputies
  • Krestia is approached by Sir Roylan, who recognizes her weapon as the Drakebow and urges her to seek out the counsel of the Duke of Thrynn, who wishes to restore the kingdom of Aerlynn; Krestia purchases a cover for her bow so no one else notices it
  • The Dark Minstrel convenes a meeting of the party and the prominent townsfolk and convinces Burgomaster “Woodfoot” Burkins to legally transfer power during him during the rebuilding effort; Sir Athis agrees, while Sir Roylan argues against it
  • After rebuilding gets underway, the Dark Minstrel formally transfers authority over to the Barony of Obardyr; Outpost is no longer a freetown of the Broken Kingdom
  • Sweetie Palin notices silent communication during the meetings between the Dark Minstrel and Sir Athis and suspects they are in cahoots
  • Sir Roylan, despite his dismay at this turn of events, again urges Krestia to see the Duke of Thrynn before winter; the Duchy is also the home of Neireus, a great sage and master of ancient history, who might be able to help the group track down the Cult of Tiamat
  • Party decides to visit Thyrnn and seek out the Duke's counsel and the sage Neireus
  • Aldeng Hammerforge inspects the legal document that transferred Outpost to Obardyr and learns that the Dark Minstrel's real name is Gruffud Ap Llewlyn
Valiant 19, 2664 CE
Day 20: The Death of Drugga
Valiant 15-18, 2664 CE
Days 16-19: Return to Outpost
Everdark Wood
  • Gorbash returns to the Crimson Axe Clan after swearing an alliance with the party
  • The party travels back to Outpost from The Spikes with Neela Brightwater in tow
  • Neela relates her story during the 5-day journey back to Outpost
  • Lava Bite probably destroyed the rest of the Crimson Axe hobgoblins after Gorbash departs; Neela purposely said nothing while the hobgoblin was present
  • Sergeant Phineas Bertram died while defending Neela from Lava Bite, but to no avail
  • The town of Outpost was mostly destroyed by the dragon; only a few buildings remain standing; most of the town and outlying farms were destroyed
Valiant 14, 2664 CE
Day 15: Slayer of Mortals

Mighty Avalokitasharan

  • Group ventures forth to fight Lava Bite; Gorbash stays behind at campsite and wishes the PCs luck
  • Party manages to pry open the giant stone doors to the dragon's lair; they enter on to a porous stone bridge spanning a large pool of lava; small magma geysers shoot up from the bridge randomly
  • They see a bound and gagged Neela Brightwater, cleric of Avandra and citizen of Outpost, at the opposite end of the chamber; Krestia rushes in to save her
  • Lave Bite descends from the ceiling and attacks; vicious fight ensues and Lave Bite is bloodied
  • Dragon flees from fight and absconds with Neela Brightwater warning that she will devour her in two minutes
  • Party moves to follow, but is stymied by a band of kobolds, which they dispatch quickly
  • Group enters a long hallway but the doors seal shut behind them and poison gas starts to flow into the room; they manage to disable the trap and extricate themselves
  • Fight with dragon continues; Aldeng, Merciless and Krestia are all knocked unconscious
  • Sweetie Palin skirts the battlefield and frees Neela Brightwater, who heals Merciless with the last bit of her remaining power
  • Merciless slams his flail home and finishes her; Avalokitasharan is no more
  • Party discovers a tremendous amount of treasure, as well as lots of information in Lava Bite's journal and in her correspondence
  • Among the treasure is a magic bow that seems attuned to Krestia and a bronze crown set with a large topaz; Stellen recognizes the crown as in the style of the kings of Aerlynn, the previous name of the Broken Kingdom
  • Gorbash joins the party and thanks them for dispatching the dragon; he pledges an eternal alliance with the Crimson Axe Clan
  • Party begins travel back to Outpost after collecting treasure


Valiant 13, 2664 CE
Day 14: A Difficult Choice

Kash'tal of the Cult of Tiamat 

  • Party continues and finally navigates successfully to Lava Bite's lair; they come across a large magma-filled cavern and are attacked by several magma creatures and firebats
  • Group enters the exit tunnel and emerge in a vast cavern with a fast-flowing river of lava separating them from a set of very large double doors and a group wearing red cloaks and dragon masks
  • One of the figures reveals himself to be a dragonborn named Kash’tal and speaks directly to Merciless, referring to him as Vekta of Clan Eshtar
    • Cease your course of action since we work towards the same ends – discovering lost Dendrith and restoring the glory of Arkhosia
    • Tiamat has shown us how this is possible and I follow her to honor my draconic heritage
    • Join me in my search across the Trackless Waste for the lost city of the dragonborn
    • The Cult of Tiamat is powerful and has experienced a resurgence since it was nearly wiped out during the Previous Eon
      • Cult of Tiamat destroyed the mountain fortress of [[Thrazduhr-kahl]] and scattered the dwarves to the four winds
      • Cult of Tiamat slaughtered the Platinum Dragoons of the Ergrenfore, most holy site of bastard god Bahamut
      • Cult of Tiamat infiltrated the court of Aerlynn and through subterfuge brought about the dissolution of the Broken Kingdom, allowing Lava Bite to easily vanquish her foes
    • Do not venture forth to fight Lava Bite for she is dangerous even among her kind; you will only find death beyond those doors; just 4 days ago she razed the town of Outpost and has been feasting on the flesh of her prisoners
    • My proposal is this: bring the Eye of Tiamat, the artifact your vile companion Sweetie Palin holds, to me; she is beyond repatriation and will be sacrificed to Tiamat; the rest of your companions may go free; in exchange, you will accompany us on our quest to discover lost Dendrith, your lifelong dream
  • After this verbal exchange, Merciless casted his lot with his companions and led the attack against them; the Cultists were quickly defeated in battle and the adventurers decided to rest to prepare themselves for their imminent fight with Lava Bite
Valiant 12, 2664 CE
Day 13: There's Always Room for Gelatinous Cubes!

Gelatinous cube 

  • Party continues through tunnels led by Gorbash; they come across several orcs who are running from a gelatinous cube; the adventurers defeat the ooze and the orcs and continue
  • Gorbash loses his way due to complexity of tunnel system; party assists Gorbash in navigating the Underdark, looking for clues that would lead them to Lava Bite's lair
  • Adventurers misread the clues that would lead them in the right direction and come across an enclave of orcs; a fight ensues and the group defeats the monsters
  • Cowering in the corner is the rotund Stellen (eladrin wizard), who thanks the group for their assistance in defeating the orcs; Stellen joins the party and they continue through the Underdark
  • Group rests for the remainder of the day after spending many hours traversing the endless tunnels

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