Bloomfury 14, 2665 CE
The Prince and Former Heir
The ghost of Laria
  • The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom enter the third tier of Galadorn where they find the ruined houses of the rich and noble
  • Castle gate is blocked off by glowing blue wall; next to it is a squat guard tower
  • Party explores a large, intact noble house bearing the crest of Aerlynn; inside they discover the ghost of Laria, who seems unaware she is dead and awaits Caldorus' return; Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn spots a material locket around her spectral form
  • Group goes to the tower by the gate and battles the undead form of Caldorus; they finally defeat him and his royal guard minions
  • Group leads Caldorus' redeemed spirit back to Laria; the two embrace and are able to rest in the afterlife; the locket is left behind and the party claims it
  • While resting for the evening, Krestia hears and barely sees a figure walking about bearing heavy chains and walking very slowly
Bloomfury 13, 2665 CE
The Herald and the Priest
The House of Gloaming
  • The Five Dragons enter Galadorn's first tier by the lift
  • They come across a graveyard in ruins; one mausoleum seems untouched as all the others are
  • Upon inspecting the mausoleum, the Five Dragons learn its walls are blank and undecorated, while the bier within is empty: there is no body to be found
  • The party comes to a ghostly blue wall whose bricks are made of bone and mortar made of blood; written in blood on the wall are these words:

Swift-footed Lorenus, herald to the king,

Was first to feel the mighty serpent's sting,

Vanquished defender who rose to the fight,

Now wanders the world in the dead of night,

The key is the amulet that hangs from his chest,

Which the heir must claim after he is laid to rest 

  • The Five Dragons search the ruins of the first tier of Galadorn and are accosted by zombies near the ruins of the main gate; one zombie bears a large bronze medallion bearing the crest of Aerlynn around his neck and is presumed to be Lorenus
  • Five Dragons take the body to the graveyard with the intent to lay the body to rest in the empty mausoleum
  • There they meet Renda, a barbarian sent by the People of the Mountain to protect Krestia during her quest
  • Renda joins the group and they all venture to the graveyard, where a horde of undead creatures burst from the ground and attack
  • The Five Dragons defeat the undead attackers and lay the body of Lorenus to rest; reliefs depicting the life of Lorenus magically appear around the mausoleum; Krestia claims the bronze medallion for herself
  • Party moves towards the wall which disappears as they approach and allows them to advance to the second tier of the city
  • Group attacked by more undead spirits as they traverse the grand stairs to the second tier
  • On the second tier they discover a ruined church of Bahamut, from which they hear muttering
  • Inside is the uncorrupted spirit of Sirrinus who had been imprisoned above the church's seal by the undead Falgros who now ruled Galadorn; Sirrinus urges the party to capture the red crown of the vampire lord Nexull and break it against the seal, allowing the trapped ghost to escape
  • The Five Dragons make their way to the House of Gloaming and discover an imprisoned eladrin wizard; Aduin was sent as part of the delegation from Mithrandein and captured by the vampires; he joins the group and they proceed through the house
  • Party fights many vampires in the grand foyer, finally dispatching Nexull and capturing his crown
  • The party returns to the church and frees the spirit of Sirrinus; he warns them that Falgros has corrupted all the souls trapped in Galadorn; the soul of King Brommius VI also wanders the upper reaches of the castle; to get to the castle they would have to defeat Caldorus, who has been driven mad by grief
  • Sirrinus' soul passes on to Bahamut's realm and the party rests for the night in the church


Bloomfury 12, 2665 CE
Entering the Undead City
Skull Lord
  • Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom venture forth into Galadorn by going down a rubble-strewn tunnel
  • They fight many zombies and skeletons led by a skull lord in the lower stables
  • The Five Dragons discover a rusty old mechanical lift that takes them to the higher reaches of the city
  • The party rests for the remainder of the day before entering the city's upper levels
Bloomfury 11, 2665 CE
The Severed Head Clan

Three-Tooth of the Severed Head Clan


  • Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom arrive at Galadorn and find a breach in the castle wall guarded by a band of kobolds; each kobold carries a recently bloodied humanoid finger
  • Inside the Five Dragons fight their way through more kobolds of the Severed Head Clan and finally capture their shamanic leader Three Tooth, who surrenders
  • Three-Tooth warns them that the undead roost in the levels below, guarding the only known entrance to the city proper
  • In the kobold prison cells, the Five Dragons discover Mullins and escort him to safety
  • Five Dragons order Three-Tooth and her remaining clansmen to leave and never come back; the kobold complies
  • The Five Dragons rest for the night


Bloomfury 2 - Bloomfury 10, 2665 CE
The Road to Galadorn
Deluge 3 - Bloomfury 1, 2665 CE
The Second Grand Council
The Second Grand Council
Wellspring 3 - Deluge 2, 2665 CE
Waiting for the Council
Wellspring 2, 2665 CE
The Earl Arrives
Norrick Ponderblunder's wagon
  • Adventurers discover that Norrick Ponderblunder was killed last night when his wagon of magical wares was burned to the ground; no witnesses saw the incident
  • Upon investigation, the group learns that the gnome shopkeep was killed before the fire consumed his body
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn learns from an object reading ritual that Norrick was slain by green lightning from a glowing orb; the last person to enter the wagon was the warlock Simon
  • Later, the Earl of Alyryn, Thune Fanesworn, arrived; the group was warned by Rodrin, the acolyte in service to Merciless
  • The group meets with the Earl and Lord Amblewort; they manage to convince him to agree to Krestia's claim to the throne provided they remove the threat of Galadorn from his lands
  • Party waits for remaining nobles to arrive, all of which are expected over the course of the next several weeks
Wellspring 1, 2665 CE
The Old Man With The Canaries
The Old Man With The Canaries
  • Adventurers return to The Fortune Teller's tent to determine the nature of the events the previous night
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn is unable to determine if its nature is arcane or religious; it appears to defy existence
  • The Dark Minstrel and Sweetie Palin each see a vision of the future in The Fortune Teller's crystal ball foreshadowing their deaths
  • The group pays a visit to the Old Man With The Canaries, who has attracted a large audience
  • The Old Man offers them a tasteless stew and spouts words of wisdom and many old stories about ancient gods and nations, particularly of Io and the King of Terror, and Arkhosia
  • Duchy of Thrynn caravan arrives later in the evening; group discusses strategy at Second Grand Council with Virinus
  • Party spends night in their camp after many hours of strategizing and speech-writing
Day of Hope, 2665 CE
The Fortune-Teller
The Fortune Teller
  • Adventurers arrive at dusk in the area where the Grand Council first took place, dominated by a pentagonal structure in the center
  • Thousands of petitioners of all types have made their way to this location, many more en route
  • Party scouts the area and finds the tent of The Fortune Teller and the Old Man With The Canaries are the most popular attractions in the carnival atmosphere
  • Group runs into Sir Worsley, who assures the party that the Earl of Alyryn will come meet Lord Amblewort in 2 days
  • Thought to have stolen the treasure from the Poison Guard while the group fought their leader Sarshan in The Purple Jewel, Sir Worsley is found later to have distributed much wealth to the needy under some sort of coercion
  • Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard meets two dwarves who appear to be from Clan Mithralfist and converses with them for the rest of the evening
  • Merciless is met by two acolytes from the Hall of Honor in Myranom; Sullum and Rodrin pledge to the paladin's cause of discovering Arkhosia and creating a kingdom for Bahamut
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn spends time in a tavern telling the tale of the heir to the throne of Aerlynn and the Drakebow
  • Merciless later goes to visit The Fortune Teller, who prophesies his doom; Krestia attempts to find him after he has vanished for nearly an hour; the paladin mysteriously appears before her in The Fortune Teller's tent
  • Party sets a camp for the night

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