Phalanx 15, 2665 CE
Day 199: The Cryptic Prince
Fringol, Prince of the Cult of Tiamat
  • Adventurers meet with Lord Amblewort, Deacon General Meiana, Virinus, Fringol and Neireus
  • Krestia and Neireus present their findings: the ranger is in fact the heir to the throne of Aerlynn as indicated by the Drakebow and the Mark of Ascension; Krestia indicates that she wishes to go to Galadorn to fulfill the second verse of the Prophecy of Ascension
  • The party also relates the danger the Cult of Tiamat presents to the world at large and reveals the scheme they discovered involving the Unholy Codex, the Eye of Tiamat, and discovering Arkhosia
  • The Duke of Thrynn agreed to summon another Grand Council; purpose of the Second Grand Council would be to
    • Advocate on behalf of Krestia and her claim to the throne
    • Alert the principalities of the Broken Kingdom to the threat of the Cult of Tiamat
  • Lord Amblewort indicates there will be several obstacles to Krestia's claim to the throne
    • The nobles will not wish to cede their power, but will be forced to do so based on the Mark and the possession of the Drakebow; they may also seek that Galadorn be restored first as further proof
    • No woman has ever served as monarch of Aerlynn; no precedent supposedly exists for this; however, Neireus revealed to all the story of Antrochus III, which may sway the nobles
  • The Duke then declares members of Tiamat's religion "enemies of the state"; those caught aiding and abetting the Cult will be deemed criminals
  • Virinus, unable to contain the information gained from the party the previous day regarding his half-brother's affiliation with the Cult of Tiamat, accuses Fringol of allying with them
  • Fringol attempts to laugh off the accusation; Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn attempts to cast Virinus in a shady light by revealing the correspondence of Thane Jurius, which shows several nobles conspiring to put Virinus on the throne
  • Krestia reveals she had pre-empted such a tactic by revealing Fringol's machinations against the Thane prior to the meeting
  • Fringol reveals he is a worshipper of Tiamat and uses a shadowseed as cover; he stabs the Duke under the cover of darkness and flees into the family crypt
  • Virinus takes his elite soldiers to guard the secret exit from the crypt; the party follows Fringol into the crypt and are attacked by wraiths in room full of ghostly flame jets
  • Gruffud performs a knock ritual to open a heavily locked door riddled with Bahamut symbology and the party enters a room full of cultists; they defeat them
  • Arden Gran Hammerforge opens the next door full of Bahamut holy symbols just by touching it; party finds Fringol, Reshmael, a dragonskin undead creature, and several draconians waiting; in the room is a large altar to Bahamut that has been defiled and turned into an altar to Tiamat; on the altar is the naked, headless body of a dragonborn whose heart has been ritually cut out
  • Fringol thanks the group for recent events
    • Sweetie Palin for being so disdainful towards dragonborn and driving Merciless towards Reshmael; they were able to learn much from his research on Arkhosia before he was sacrificed to Tiamat; Reshmael tosses Merciless' head towards them
    • Gruffud for practically handing over the Eye of Tiamat to Fringol, who displays it triumphantly; Fringol explains how he fixed the ritual and the chest used to hide it away and recalled it as his convenience
  • Combat ensues; the party dispatches Fringol relatively quickly; Reshmael nearly slays Sweetie twice; the dragonskin drags Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard away from the fight; two drow emerge from the shadows after Fringol dies, and Arden is knocked unconscious by their poison
  • The party emerges victorious, though badly wounded, after slaying all the enemies in the desecrated inner sanctum of the crypt
  • The group learns that Deacon General Meiana managed to heal the Duke from his grievous wound, but is currently unconscious and resting
  • Virinus is currently serving as temporary head of state until the Duke's recovery
  • Later that day, Arden announces he will be leaving the party to join the Holy Order of the Crusader and serve Bahamut
  • Adventurers go forth into town to take care of errands and encounter a gnome sneakily following them; they corner him in an alley; he claims he is Simon, knows of the Codex, and is bound in service to an evil fey giant; the group tentatively allows him to join
  • Group rests for night in the castle

Phalanx 14, 2665 CE
Day 198: Forum

The Eye of Tiamat

  • Group gathers with Neireus in the library to discuss their research findings
  • The sage helps them piece together the parts of what they learned to uncover the Cult of Tiamat's dastardly plan
  • He reveals the purpose of the Unholy Codex, to summon immortal beings, though they cannot be controlled; the mathematical code in which it is written can be manipulated to create, destroy, and fuse the essences of summoned beings; supposedly the Arkhosians had deciphered this potent language
  • The Cult's plan is to find the Codex and discover Arkhosia to decipher its language; they must first conquer the Broken Kingdom as an earthly offering to Tiamat and a launching point for expeditions into the Trackless Waste
  • The Song of the Serpent supposedly indicates that the Cult wishes to fuse the essences of Bahamut and Tiamat into one, creating a wholly evil superdeity
  • The Eye of Tiamat is the only artifact powerful enough to serve as a focus for the completion of this ritual
  • Krestia reveals she is the heir to the throne of Aerlynn and that the Prophecy of Ascension dictates that they cleanse the halls of Galadorn
  • Gruffud Ap Llewlyn reveals that Fringol admitted he is allied with the Cult; party warns Virinus that he should be wary regarding the security of Lord Amblewort
  • Virinus agrees to remain silent regarding the matter though he would rather face the challenge head-on
  • Neireus arranges for a meeting with the Duke in the morning to discuss their findings

Umbra 24, 2664 CE - Phalanx 13, 2665 CE
Days 117-197: Gather Information

Merciless and Reshmael

  • Adventurers conduct their research in Neireus' library during the winter months
  • Rash of kidnappings of poor folk during this time
  • Virinus constantly away tending to military matters, but when at the castle spends most of his time with Krestia
  • Merciless and Reshmael spend a great deal of time together in the library researching Arkhosia; however, the two dragonborn are not seen at all the last 4 days of this period

Umbra 23, 2664 CE
Day 116: The Secret Chest Ritual

Leomund's Secret Chest

Umbra 21-22, 2664 CE
Days 114-115: More Studying

The library of Neireus

Umbra 20, 2664 CE
Day 113: Separate Paths

  • Adventurers arrive at the castle to find a great commotion over the return of Virinus and his cavalrymen from his campaign in the Wildlands
  • Virinus describes his men's exploits to the full court assemblage; Lord Amblewort, the Duke of Thrynn is flanked by Fringol and Deacon General Meiana
  • The cavalry tracked the gnolls and stormed their lair; they found a gnoll priest summoning demons in the name of Yeenoghu; Virinus slew him in single combat; rest of the gnolls killed or scattered
  • Damaso and Sweetie Palin disappear in the crowd after Virinus' public debriefing
  • Gruffud Ap Llewlyn is approached by Fringol and the two converse privately in the prince's chambers
  • Virinus approaches Krestia converses with her privately; Krestia then speaks to the Duke and he storms off fuming to find Fringol
  • Arden Gran Hammerforge meets privately with the Deacon General in the chapel
  • Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard [INSERT SHENANIGANS HERE]
  • Group reconvenes in the library at the end of the day to continue their studies in the library of Neireus

Umbra 17-19, 2664 CE
Days 110-112: Back to the Castle

The Shores of The Faermere

  • Party spends these three days traveling back to the capital of Thrynn

Umbra 16, 2664 CE
Day 109: It's a trap!

A purple dragon attacks the party!

  • Party arrives at the manor of Thane Jurius
  • Fharwynn upset at the lack of bustle at the manor; it is incredibly quiet and no one greets them
  • The minor lord informs the group that there was to be a large meeting of several nobles from the region
  • Fharwynn leads the group through the house and they discover everyone is missing with no signs of violence throughout the house
  • Gruffud Ap Llewlyn takes several papers from the desk of the Thane; Fharwynn protests mildly, but is too distracted by his family's absence to care; the papers are correspondence between the Thane and other noblemen regarding their assertion that Virinus should succeed Lord Amblewort as Duke of Thrynn
  • Group heads to the stables and finds the horses and carriages of many different noble houses of Thrynn; Gruffud notes the symbols of each family
  • Adventurers explore the farmhouse and discover the bodies of dozens of nobles, family members and servants hanging from the rafters by the neck; all their hearts had been cut out of their chests
  • Damaso, Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard and Gruffud notice the smell of pitch just as the doors close behind them and lock them into the barn
  • The building is set on fire; the adventurers suffer from some smoke inhalation as the building burns around them, but they manage to escape
  • Outside several cultists ambush them; a violent fight ensues, but the group prevails and defeats several dragonborn cultists of Tiamat
  • More dragonborn cultists of Tiamat attack the party in a muddy field; a purple dragon cloaked in shadow flies towards the party as the cultists attack
  • Adventurers defeat all but one of the cultists as the purple dragon arrives on the scene; a bloody fight ensues but the party manages to defeat the great beast, driving it away; party also slays the last cultist and recovers from their wounds
  • Party regroups with Fharwynn and rests in abandoned manor
  • Krestia casts Bloom ritual on destroyed farmhouse that contained Thane Jurius' remains
  • Group departs with young Thane in tow; rests for night in a nearby village

Umbra 13-15, 2664 CE
Days 106-108: Back West Across the Duchy

Thrynn countryside

  • Adventurers travel west with Fharwynn to visit Thane Jurius at his manor on the western banks of The Faermere
  • During the trip, Gruffud Ap Llewlyn influences Lord Fharwynn to think he's capable of being a great leader and able to succeed his father as Thane
  • Fharwynn informs the party that the manor is a bustling place with all sorts of activity: meetings of political import, parties, etc.
  • The minor prince also recounts how a circus passed through nearby Westvale, though the festivities were overshadowed by grisly murders of Bahamut's clergy

Umbra 12, 2664 CE
Day 105: Study Break

Dining Hall

  • Group invited to dine with Fringol in the evening at a fancy dining hall
  • Party beset by assassins from Cult of Tiamat outside the dining hall; dwarf with a giant hammer and spiked chain joins the fight against the cultists
  • Merciless appears along with Reshmael to help the party
  • Adventurers defeat the cultists; Gruffud Ap Llewlyn thanks the dwarf, who introduces himself as Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard
  • Fringol appears from the dining hall with a group of guards who begin to clean up the bodies
  • Krestia inquires as to who else knew their plans since the whole thing seemed like a setup
  • Fringol promises his aid when he is Duke of Thrynn and agrees to convince his father Lord Amblewort of the danger of the Cult
  • Adventurers dine and converse with Fringol and company; Fringol asks them to sway Thane Jurius to support him as the heir to the Duchy of Thrynn; the Thane leads a small band of nobles in the west who think Virinus should be Duke
  • In exchange, Fringol promises to aid Gruffud with the components to cast a Leomund's Secret Chest ritual to hide away the Eye of Tiamat
  • Party agrees and parts ways for the night
  • Krestia briefly engages Fringol in conversation
  • Damaso and Sweetie Palin steal a bottle of fine cognac and hang out on a rooftop discussing the Eye of Tiamat
  • Gruffud and Kro meet Fharwynn, son of Thane Jurius, and receive an invitation to the Thane's manor by impressing him with their tales of adventure
  • Arden Gran Hammerforge sits quietly and waits


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