Day of Hope, 2665 CE
The Fortune-Teller
The Fortune Teller
  • Adventurers arrive at dusk in the area where the Grand Council first took place, dominated by a pentagonal structure in the center
  • Thousands of petitioners of all types have made their way to this location, many more en route
  • Party scouts the area and finds the tent of The Fortune Teller and the Old Man With The Canaries are the most popular attractions in the carnival atmosphere
  • Group runs into Sir Worsley, who assures the party that the Earl of Alyryn will come meet Lord Amblewort in 2 days
  • Thought to have stolen the treasure from the Poison Guard while the group fought their leader Sarshan in The Purple Jewel, Sir Worsley is found later to have distributed much wealth to the needy under some sort of coercion
  • Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard meets two dwarves who appear to be from Clan Mithralfist and converses with them for the rest of the evening
  • Merciless is met by two acolytes from the Hall of Honor in Myranom; Sullum and Rodrin pledge to the paladin's cause of discovering Arkhosia and creating a kingdom for Bahamut
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn spends time in a tavern telling the tale of the heir to the throne of Aerlynn and the Drakebow
  • Merciless later goes to visit The Fortune Teller, who prophesies his doom; Krestia attempts to find him after he has vanished for nearly an hour; the paladin mysteriously appears before her in The Fortune Teller's tent
  • Party sets a camp for the night
Phalanx 30, 2665 CE
Journey to the Second Grand Council
Travelers to the Second Grand Council
Phalanx 29, 2665 CE
Still in Highridge
Sewers of Highridge
  • Merciless and Sweetie Palin wake up and visit The Seadog Schooner in pursuit of the rumors that there were two other dragonborn in Highridge
  • They meet Shamash and Vishali, two silk merchants from Pillennium in search of new trade routes; Merciless expounds on the virtues of re-establishing Arkhosia and promises to introduce them to the nobility of Highridge
  • Party spends whole day riling the dockworkers and tradespeople, causing them to rally behind the heir to Aerlynn and the Second Grand Council
  • Group returns to The Purple Jewel towards evening, but they are intercepted by Virinus, who claims Sir Worsley has been the guest of Lord Amblewort at the Thrynn encampment outside the city
  • Sir Worsley explains he's in a bind with the Poison Guard; he contracted them to frighten Lady Verin out of town, but they are now extorting money from him to keep the news of this deal out of the public's ear; Poison Guard are led by a deadly assassin named Sarshan
  • Burgomaster Tallyfaire gives his permission to venture into the city's sewers to eliminate the Poison Guard; Alyryn soldiers will assist them
  • Group ventures below an old curio shop in the Escarpment into the sewers; discovers the lair of the Poison Guard and fight several shadar-kai led by a witch in a tunnel 
  • Party pushes forward into a room full of sewage and fights more shadar-kai and several wraiths; witch from previous room tells her shadar-kai minions to stop the adventurers while she goes to warn Sarshan of the intrusion
  • Group finds Sarshan in a treasure-laden office, but he is surprised at the intrusion and flees through the sewers and into The Purple Jewel via the cellar
  • Before the party can catch him, Sarshan kills several patrons of The Purple Jewel while the rest scatter in panic
  • Nonna and her adventuring party attempt to stop Sarshan, but he kills them all and siphons the cleric's radiant energy into a shield of force that prevents injury
  • Party catches up to him in the inn and fights him in the tap room; they eventually defeat him, but not before Sweetie is turned into a pile of green slime by Sarshan's acidic aura
  • The group is accosted by guards from Alyryn and Byrwyll, but intimidate them into leaving and fetching Burgomaster Tallyfaire
  • Krestia and Simon discover the treasure in Sarshan's office was stolen by a large group of people; the party suspects the guards of Alyryn that accompanied them into the sewers
  • The Burgomaster thanks the party for helping to rid them of the Poison Guard and uses a ritual to return Sweetie to life; he inquires as to the whereabouts of Sir Worsley
  • The party returns to the Duke of Thrynn's encampment to discover that Sir Worsley has not been seen since the adventurers left for the sewers; Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn uses a Sending ritual to communicate with him, who explains hurriedly he is en route to the Earldom
  • Group goes to Lady Verin's estate as requested in a letter to the Dark Minstrel; she entertains them with wine and food, taking a particular liking to Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard
  • Lady Verin will bring the Margravate of Byrwyll provided the party advocates on her behalf at the Second Grand Council to have Highridge annexed by Byrwyll; Gruffudd explains he will relay the information to the heir (as they have not revealed to the townsfolk that Krestia bears the Mark of Ascension)
  • Party camps for night in the Duke of Thrynn's encampment outside the city

Phalanx 28, 2665 CE
The Purple Jewel
  • Lord Amblewort's wagon train arrives on the outskirts of Highridge
  • Content Not Found: Virinus alerts the adventurers to the situation: Lady Verin, who represents the Margravate of Byrwyll, and Sir Worsley, who represents the Earldom of Alyryn, are both vying to incorporate Highridge into their respective principalities; both must be convinced to bring their lieges to the Second Grand Council
  • Virinus gives the party 3 days to execute this task before taking over himself
  • The party makes its way to The Purple Jewel in the Escarpment and rallies the crowd to the cause of the heir of Aerlynn and the Drakebow
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn engages the innkeeper and earns a standing job as a performer; Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard serves as his bodyguard and wins the crowd over with a round of drinks; Merciless stands by the door and observes Lady Verin's entrance and subsequent exit; Sweetie Palin whispers rumors among the crowd regarding Aerlynn
  • Merciless converses with Nonna, cleric of Bahamut traveling with an adventuring company from the Electorate of Wynhall; he converses with her about the rise of Arkhosia; he also learns that there are two dragonborn in the city staying at The Seadog Schooner in the Dockward
  • Party retires to the Dockward and stays at The Sepulcher, a dark inn in a seedy part of town
Phalanx 26-27, 2665 CE
Journey to Highridge
Phalanx 25, 2665CE
Merciless Twice-Born
Merciless Twice-Born
  • While riding at the vanguard of Lord Amblewort's caravan, adventurers hear sounds of battle ahead
  • They come across a group of bandits slaying a group of fleeing halflings
  • Attempting to defend the halflings is a lone warrior clad in plate mail
  • Sweetie Palin charges in and starts combat with the bandits; party drives off the bandits and captures one
  • Knightly figure reveals himself to be Merciless returned from the grave by the intercession of Bahamut and a group of mithral dragons known as the Pentad; Merciless rejoins the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom once more
  • Tulmaster, the elderly leader of the halflings, recognizes Sweetie and thanks the party for their aid; they learn the bandits came to their village of Derlin's Folly and destroyed everything while searching for the "dragonborn woman" and the object she carries
  • Adventurers interrogate the prisoner; Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn learns his ancient tattoos mark him as a member of Wyrmfang, an ancient order of assassins, an offshoot of the Cult of Tiamat; the prisoner reveals little and is hauled away by Virinus
  • The Duke offers assistance to the halflings and brings them to Highridge; Tulmaster accepts and spends much time talking to Sweetie during the journey
Phalanx 23-24, 2665 CE
Uneventful Travel
Ghaerlun Hills
Phalanx 22, 2665 CE
Damaso's Demons



  • Party alerted to sounds of combat in the morning while passing near Everdark Wood
  • Virinus and his elite guards captured by spiders and ettercaps in the forest; adventurers rush in to help
  • Rescued soldiers reveal Virinus was kidnapped by drow and taken down a forest path
  • Group pursues and drow emerge with goal of killing Content Not Found: damaso
  • Drow demonologist summons a mezzodemon and fight ensues
  • Party defeats the drow and rescue Virinus; they capture the demon and attempt to question him
  • The demon offers to take them to the Shadowfell to the secret lair of the Night Stalkers; Damaso demands to follow this path to end the drow assassination attempts once and for all
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn slays the demon on the advice of his imp familiar; Damaso becomes enraged and leaves the party in search of his own answers to the question of the drow and his former guild
  • Party discovers a letter on the body of the demonologist which reads:


The assassin Damaso walks with the adventurers who have been thwarting our employer.  He possesses the key to this puzzle, though he may not yet know it.  We must take advantage of this situation.  We don't need him alive, but his skin must remain intact for us to report to the Cult.  Be wary.

Allara Qinay 


Phalanx 18-21, 2665 CE
Journey Across the Broken Kingdom
The Thrynn countryside
Phalanx 17, 2665 CE
The Duke's Retinue
The Duke of Thrynn's royal coach
  • As party prepares to leave for Galadorn, Lord Amblewort asks that they accompany him to the Earldom of Alyryn
  • The Duke of Thrynn explains that he cannot wait for the other nobles of the Broken Kingdom to agree; his plan is to convene with the amenable Earl of Alyryn and hope the others decide to participate from fear of missing something
  • Adventurers agree to escort the Duke to the Second Grand Council and continue to Galadorn from there
  • Party spends rest of the day traveling as the Duke's personal escort; Virinus heads the column with his elite guards

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