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  • Kash'tal

    Kash'tal, or Honor-bound in Common, was a promising young officer in the [[Red Army]] faction of the [[Cult of Tiamat]].  He was chosen by [[:phlegethon]] to lead a delegation to [[Avalokitasharan]] in order to forge an alliance.

  • Merciless

    Born into Clan Eshtar, Vekta hails from the clan’s rocky elevated home. This rust colored Dragonborn was the first of his clutch mates to hatch and consequently grew to be the biggest of his brothers and sisters. Large in size, yet larger in …

  • Sweetie Palin

    Sweetie Palin was the last in the clutch to be born and was thought to be the runt of the clutch. This is the reason she was given such a ridiculous name, her clutch father assuming she would end up being some "sweet" for some monster's …