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  • Gorbash

    Gorbash was raised among the warriors of the Crimson Axe Clan.  He was born and bred to fight and excelled at leading his compatriots against the elves of the Everdark Wood.

    His natural abilities were noticed by Warcaster T'nak, who took …

  • Kash'tal

    Kash'tal, or Honor-bound in Common, was a promising young officer in the [[Red Army]] faction of the [[Cult of Tiamat]].  He was chosen by [[:phlegethon]] to lead a delegation to [[Avalokitasharan]] in order to forge an alliance.

  • Chief Vrugh

    Chief Vrugh broke with centuries of tradition in changing the [[Crimson Axe Clan]]'s focus of worship from [[Bane]] to the dragon [[Avalokitasharan]].  This inspired a rebellion within the Clan led by [[:tnak]].

    Chief Vrugh was killed by …