Aerlynn is the name of the nation that existed when the principalities of the Broken Kingdom were united under one royal family.

According to historians, the kingdom of Aerlynn formally ended on Bloomfury 10, 2633 CE, when the dragon Avalokitasharan destroyed the castle and the royal family, ending the line of succession with the death of King Brommius VI.  The nation dissolved under its squabbling nobility as a rightful heir to the throne was never universally acknowledged by all.

Currently, the castle and capital city, Galadorn, stands in ruins and has been abandoned for over thirty years.  It is thought that the castle is haunted by the restless spirits of those who died fighting Avalokitasharan.

Aerlynn was founded by Brommius I, the first king and progenitor of the House of Aerlynn, in 978 CE.  Brommius I unified the disparate human clans in the area and led them to victory against a red dragon that had been plaguing the land west of the Cloudcrown Mountains.  He later ruled over the fledgling nation wisely and justly, espousing his belief in the ways of Bahamut

Brommius I's descendants ruled ably over the centuries, slowly expanding the borders of Aerlynn and engaging in conflicts with the gnolls of the Wildlands.  Aerlynn nearly fell to another red dragon threat in 1143 CE, but staved off impending disaster by the forging of the Drakebow under the reign of Antrochus III.  After this, Aerlynn was never plagued by dragons again until the arrival of Avalokitasharan and the treachery of Falgros and the Cult of Tiamat.

Aerlynn was helped in its early days by the hero Bandomir Eaglecrest, his line having served the House of Aerlynn for thousands of years.  The Eaglecrest family remained staunch supporters of the crown until the end and helped defend the royal line from several coups and assassination attempts.

Historians agree that the House of Aerlynn must have been betrayed from within in order for Avalokitasharan, a particularly young red, to destroy the castle at Galadorn so easily.  The betrayal of Falgros coupled with the infiltration and sabotage of the Cult of Tiamat were enough to render the city's defenses impotent, as described by Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon in his letter to the dragon.

A campaign began in late 2664 CE to restore Krestia to the throne of Aerlynn once it was discovered she bore the Mark of Ascension and was the rightful wielder of the Drakebow, the one who would fulfill Brommius VI's prophecy.  In Bloomfury 2665 CE, Krestia and the rest of the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom fulfilled the second part of the Prophecy while investigating the ruins of Galadorn.  However, the Second Grand Council dissolved before she could present the evidence that showed she should restore the kingdom of Aerlynn to its former glory.

Krestia, aided by the rest of the Five Dragons, was forced to fulfill the final part of the Prophecy at the Battle of the Broken Kingdom in Bloomfury 2665 CE.  After this event, the kingdom of Aerlynn was formally restored with Krestia as its head of state. 


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