The Earldom of Alyryn is one of the principalities that comprise the Broken Kingdom.  It is bordered by the Cloudcrown Mountains on the east, the Ghaerlun Hills on the west, Blackwaters and the Electorate of Wynhall on the north, and the Margravate of Byrwyll to the south.

Alyryn shares borders with three of the remaining four principalities of the Broken Kingdom.  It does not share a border with the Duchy of Thrynn.  Both the Vailin River and the River of Rochefort originate in the mountains within Alyryn's territory.  It is also home to the ruined city of Galadorn, former capital of the kingdom of Aerlynn.

For approximately 30 years, the Earldom had been plagued by a darkness that pervaded the area surrounding Galadorn.  The castle sat under a permanent, oppressive cloud that cloaked the land in shadow.  The citizens of Alyryn considered this area taboo and refused to settle in the darkness, thereby creating a huge swath of uncultivated land and unrealized economic potential.  The Earl would have liked nothing more than to rid his territory of this curse.

This darkness covering the Earldom was made to disappear by the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom during their cleansing of the halls of Galadorn and the defeat of the undead Falgros, which removed the curse. 

The Earl of Alyryn is the principality's ruler and governs from his castle near the center of his lands.  Alyryn was formed in 1889 CE by the same agreement that created the Barony of Obardyr.

Agriculture is the main export for this region, and Alyryn is often referred to as the "breadbasket" of the Broken Kingdom.  However, its economic power belies its weak military as Alyryn does not have enough citizenry to maintain a strong army.

The Earldom is in a conflict with the Margravate of Byrwyll over the status of Highridge.  Both principalities claim the valuable trading city to the frustration of the Earl, Thune Fanesworn.

Alyryn's crest is represented by a gold bear with a morningstar in each forepaw on a green field.


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