Arkhosia was the name of an ancient dragonborn empire that existed during the Previous Eon.  Its demise was thought to be one of the events that brought about the Current Eon.

At its height, Arkhosia was a center of learning for arcana, religion, history, philosophy and mysticism.  Its treatises on these subjects have yet to be surpassed in the Current Eon, and those few extant works command astronomical prices among scholars.  While it was relatively small in area (comprised of only seven cities) compared to contemporary nations such as Nerath and Bael Turath, the influence it wielded was unparalleled in matters academic and military.

Arkhosia was at war with the tiefling nation of Bael Turath when both were destroyed in a terrible cataclysm.

The capital and most prominent of Arkhosia's fabled seven cities was Dendrith.

Arkhosia's location is unknown, though a few historians speculate that its ruins must lie in the Trackless Waste, somewhere south of the Great Divide and north of the Broken Kingdom.


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