Battle of the Broken Kingdom

The Battle of the Broken Kingdom was the military conflict that brought about the restoration of Aerlynn and saw Krestia ascend to the throne as queen and rightful heir to the House of Aerlynn.

Fought on Bloomfury 27, 2665 CE, the battle saw the forces of the Duke of Thrynn and the Margrave of Byrwyll allied with the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom against the armies of the Elector of Wynhall, the Baron of Obardyr and the Earl of Alyryn, all of whom wished to maintain the status quo of the Broken Kingdom.  The former army had amassed approximately 6,000 troops, while the latter maintained a force of 10,000.

Lords Vatis Underwood, Tiberius Manathourn and Thune Fanesworn precipitated the battle approximately 10 days prior by withdrawing from the Second Grand Council when it became apparent that the Five Dragons had fulfilled the second part of the Prophecy of Ascension.

The night prior to the battle saw a clandestine skirmish between the Five Dragons and a small group of Obardyr's soldiers later discovered to be members of the Cult of Tiamat.  Taking the incident as an act of aggression, the three allied nobles issued a formal declaration of war against the Five Dragons and their cohorts citing an illegal attempt to restore a pretender to the throne.  Merciless counter-challenged the opposing army by suggesting solo combat with their best warrior, which the Elector of Wynhall denied by proxy.

The Five Dragons accepted the declaration of war and immediately started marching their army, commanded on the center front lines by Virinus.  Lord Sallinous Raemyr also served at the head of the Margravate's forces on the right flank, while the Five Dragons took control of the left with a hodgepodge of Thrynn and Byrwyll soldiers.

After successfully rallying the troops, the Five Dragons withstood the initial assault of the vaunted Obardyr cavalry, driving the horsemen back in retreat with a vicious counterattack, while the rest of the army managed to hold their ground against Wynhall and Alyryn's forces.  Upon seeing Obardyr's flank collapse, the Earl Fanesworn decided to conveniently switch sides and joined the Five Dragons against Elector Underwood's army.  Virinus drove his forces through the middle in a brilliant blitzkrieg maneuver and spurred the rout of the remaining enemy troops.  The general urged the Five Dragons on to capture the Elector and the Baron.

The Five Dragons entered the heavily guarded camp of the two nobles and fought their way through a host of defenders, finally capturing the renegade nobles and forcing their surrender.  The Battle of the Broken Kingdom thus ended with great casualties on both sides, but a unified nation once more. 

Battle of the Broken Kingdom

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