Broken Kingdom

The Broken Kingdom was once a united nation known as Aerlynn.  Strife among the nobility, seeded by the Cult of Tiamat, led to its downfall.  Avalokitasharan razed the capital and its keep in 2633 CE, completing the dissolution of Aerlynn and resulting in the current state.

Bordered on the west by the Wildlands, on the north by the Trackless Waste and on the east by the Cloudcrown Mountains, this small nation is generally sheltered from the goings-on of Annoril's southern continent.

List of Principalities

The principalities comprising the Broken Kingdom are as follows:

  1. Duchy of Thrynn
  2. Barony of Obardyr
  3. Earldom of Alyryn
  4. Electorate of Wynhall
  5. Margravate of Byrwyll

Additionally, there are two freetowns, cities that remain independent from any of the Broken Kingdom's regions, that straddle several bordering principalities:

  1. Highridge – between Alyryn and Byrwyll
  2. Wavemeet – between Obardyr and Alyryn

After Avalokitasharan destroyed the castle and royal family of Aerlynn, the nobility began to squabble over the line of succession. In late 2634 CE, the nobility of all five principalities convened at the Grand Council, hosted by the Earl of Alyryn, in an effort to resolve the resulting confusion over who should become the next ruler of Aerlynn.

Upon the dissolution of the Grand Council, the minor houses waged clandestine political wars against each other.  Court intrigue and espionage were the staples of the day, though a few military engagements were fought between particularly bitter rivals.

The Margravate of Byrwyll and the Electorate of Wynhall became the primary contenders for the throne.  However, neither is strong enough to claim rulership without the support of the other principalities; hence, the political strife that ensued.

The Prophecy of Ascension uttered by Brommius VI foretold the return of his heir to reclaim the throne of Aerlynn.


After thirty years of conflict, the old guard of nobility is slowly fading away and a new, power-hungry generation is taking its place.  These young successors prefer outright war to subterfuge and have brought much hardship on the populace.

The bad blood between the Duchy of Thrynn and the Barony of Obardyr nearly boiled over during their conflict over the town of Outpost, which was ceded to the Barony by the machinations of the PCs.

Amblewort Eaglecrest convened the Second Grand Council in 2665 CE to discuss the issue of Krestia's ascension to the throne (in addition to outstanding issues with the Cult of Tiamat).  However, conflict broke out between the nobles and they fought the Battle of the Broken Kingdom, which signified the end of this fractured period and the return of the monarchy. 

Broken Kingdom

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