Brommius VI

Brommius VI was the last king of Aerlynn and ruler during the destruction of Galadorn by Avalokitasharan on Bloomfury 10, 2633 CE.  He ascended to the throne in 2624 CE.  An able and just king, Brommius VI and his entire family supposedly died during the dragon attack, ending the line of succession and serving as the last member of the House of Aerlynn.

When word of the dragon attack finally reached the king, he personally led the defense along with his three sons.  Unverified reports claim that King Brommius impressed the Mark of Ascension on one of his children before entering the battle due to the fact that the Drakebow had been reported stolen.  The battle was over before even starting and Brommius saw the end was near.  He witnessed his family die in Avalokitasharan's fiery breath yet stood and faced the dragon.  He supposedly uttered the Prophecy of Ascension, heard only by those few brave soldiers that stood by him until his demise.

It is thought that the ghost of Brommius VI now haunts the ruins of Galadorn, along with the restless spirits of all those who died that fateful night.

King Brommius gained a great deal of praise and notoriety in his time for his efforts in scaling back the traditional hand-outs to nobility and relying on a more merit-based system.  His denial of a manor house to Prince Falgros resulted in the theft of the Drakebow.

After Brommius perished in the flames of Lava Bite's breath, his spirit remained in Galadorn, bound by heavy chains representing the burden of his failure in protecting the city.  He wandered the empty halls for many decades, tormented by the undead Falgros and his minions, until freed from bondage by his granddaughter Krestia and the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom in Bloomfury 2665 CE.

The spirit of the king vowed to remain in Galadorn and advise the queen-to-be until such time as he could ensure his line would continue and prosperity had returned to Aerlynn.  He currently roams the halls of the castle with one symbolic heavy lock and chain draped around his neck.

Brommius VI

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