The Margravate of Byrwyll is a principality of the Broken Kingdom.  It is bordered on the west by the Cloudcrown Mountains, and on the north and east by the River of Rochefort.  Its castle and capital city guard the Pass of Krythia.

The ruler of the Margravate is the Margrave of Byrwyll, who is lord of the richest mines in the Broken Kingdom.  In addition to its own operations, Byrwyll has extensive contracts and dealings with the dwarves of the nearby mountains.

The Margravate of Byrwyll was created in 1257 CE by the king of Aerlynn, who granted the land to nephew.  Several families have ruled over Byrwyll since, though the current lords are distantly related to the original royal family of Aerlynn.

The crest of Byrwyll depicts a silver stallion on a black field.


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