Calendar of Annoril

The current year is 2664 CE, where "CE" signifies the Current Eon.  Generally, eons are marked by historic (social, geological, etc.) events that are universally recognized to have changed the face of Annoril.  The Current Eon was marked by the formation of the Great Divide over two millennia ago.  Knowledge of the Previous Eon (PE) is scant at best, and what little information exists is under serious debate by scholars of antiquity.  There is absolutely no knowledge of the time prior to the Previous Eon.

Annoril's calendar (at least for the part of the world you're familiar with) is divided into 12 months of 30 days each.  The calendar was inherited from the elves of old, and the names have been translated to Common and mutated over the millennia.  The original names have been lost since before the beginning of the Current Eon (CE).

  1. The Frost
  2. Phalanx
  3. Wellspring
  4. Deluge
  5. Bloomfury
  6. Longsun
  7. Valiant
  8. Nightfire
  9. Furrow
  10. Deadleaf
  11. Umbra
  12. Time's End

Additionally, there are five intercalary days that fall between, and are not part of, the twelve months.  These days are generally considered holidays that signify important times of the year.

  1. Bloodpledge - this is the first day of the year and falls between Time's End and The Frost; this is a day for renewals of friendships and contracts, in addition to the forging of new alliances
  2. Day of Hope – falling between Phalanx and Wellspring, this day is commemorated with spring festivals that celebrate winter's end; it is common for couples to marry on this day; followers of Melora give thanks on this day
  3. Shieldburn – on this day, which occurs between Deluge and Bloomfury, tournaments of strength and battle prowess are held everywhere; this is a particularly important day for those who worship Kord, Bahamut, Bane and the more martial deities
  4. Day of the Bastard – on this day, many years ago during the Previous Eon, a long forgotten king was assassinated by his illegitimate son, who took the throne and drove the kingdom to ruin; people observe family traditions on this day, which is marked by various somber rituals; this day falls between Nightfire and Furrow
  5. Harvest – this is the winter equivalent of Day of Hope; the winter festivals are celebrated as a time of dormancy comes over the land; this day is celebrated between Deadleaf and Umbra

Finally, every four years there is another intercalary day that falls between Longsun and Valiant.  This day is known as Thunderhead, and is universally approached with apprehension.  It is said that, on each Thunderhead, certain people receive divinely-inspired portents of things to come over the next four years.  Thunderhead is a time of strange happenstances and improbable events, both good and ill.  The next occurrence of Thunderhead will be in 2668 CE.

Calendar of Annoril

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